About Conference

The African Studies is an interdisciplinary subject that deals with conflicts ranging from the interpersonal to the global level.Understanding the dynamics of peace and conflict willlead to the creation of more just and peaceable conditions in the home, the work place, and the world.Through this conference participants will be able to explore new thing about conflict theory, war and terrorism, just war theory, the history of peace efforts and non-violent social movements, community-based conflict management and resolution, and human rights etc.Unlike past significance of sharing knowledge about peace and conflict managementhas increased today.So this is the ideal time to discuss on this topic.GARI Present 02nd International Conference on Peace and Conflict Management (ICPCM 2018) under the theme of "Religion, Conflict and Reconciliation".Researchers, regulatory bodies, industry professionals and expertise who are in this field need in-depth understanding so it’s important to share knowledge with others due to newly generated physical and psychological inspiring. For that they need a platform to share their knowledge. We could say we create a golden opportunity for those people to enhance their knowledge through this conference. As with previous conferences the aim of this conference is to provide a multidisciplinary forum for presentations and discussion of recent, ongoing research and innovations regarding peace and conflict management from leaders in academia and industry worldwide.

Conference will be starting with the opening ceremony by lightning the traditional oil lamp. Then the reputed speakers from different countries will deliver the keynote speeches. After that you will be expose to important scientific researches presented by different presenters from all around the world. Time for building important business connections while enjoying relaxed conference breaks, lunches and dinner. On the next day there will be the cultural tour, you will be able to witness the beauty of the pearl of the Indian Ocean while relaxing your mind.

The ICPCM provides valuable opportunity for academics, researchers,industry leaders, industry representatives, advanced students, regulatory bodies and other persons who are interesting in the field of peace and conflict managementaround worldwide to present their ideas, suggestions, research findings, experiences, innovations. Gathering of pool of human resources can easily identify changes happening in this field, trends, favorable & unfavorable factors affecting to the subject area, industry development factors, global changes etc. Participants will be able to sharpen up their knowledge, step forward their position in industry, buildup effective connections between industry leaders and go ahead in their career path. In addition, all the submitted full papers will be included in the conference proceedings CD and proceeding book.

Why do you participate?

  • To present your research findings, ideas, innovations to others & it will help you to improve your image among industry leaders.
  • To know about the industry trends, industry current situation & changes happening in the industry & through that participant will be able to confront the problems in better way.
  • To maintain sound business connections with industry people and this will lead to maintain good image.
  • To enhance knowledge level through the ideas, findings, experience of others & participant will be able to upgrade their position in industry.
  • To contribute to the knowledge level of the management and economics subject areas.
  • Free publications for selected research paper may be added value for your image & your reputation.